YWeather for BlackBerry

YWeather is no longer supported. I will leave this page up for people to download it but I will no longer be supporting it.

YWeather is a very simple weather application for the BlackBerry.

Current Version: 1.0.11

OTA Install

Source Code on github


Retry updates sooner if they fail instead of waiting till next refresh time
Add menu item to open Yahoo Weather for the location in the browser

What's new?

A lot! The biggest change in this well overdue update is support for multiple locations. You can now add as many locations as you would like.

Finding your location ID, especially for international users, used to be a pain. Now instead of using your web browser to find your location, you can search and add locations directly from within the application.

With multiple locations, you can select which location will be displayed on the home screen. One new feature with regards to the home screen is a simple badge on the current condition icon which displays the temperature so you no longer have to roll over the icon to view the current temperature (but you still can if you would like).

YWeather still utilizes Yahoo! Weather's RSS data feeds which provide the data displayed below in a location's detail view. (If you need a weather application that provides more data and radar images, I highly recommend BerryWeather aka BeWeather for $10)

If you don't need all the details, you can toggle them on/off by pressing 'd' or via the menu. This toggle setting is persistent across all locations so when you view the details of the same location or other locations, YWeather will remember your toggle details setting.

There are a few other little things like being able to rename a location and reordering locations.